Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli forces attack aid flotilla, 10 dead

Source: Press TV
Israeli forces have attacked the international aid convoy Freedom Flotilla en route to the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 people and leaving more than 50 injured.

The attack came on Monday morning after one of the six ships in the convoy was hit by Israeli navy forces before being stormed by commandos descending from helicopters.

The interception reportedly took place in international waters, more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza.

Israel had earlier deployed warships and threatened to stop the flotilla from reaching the Palestinian territory where the war-ravaged residents were impatiently eying the arrival of the aid convoy.

Israeli navy forces and helicopters have taken over the ships in the humanitarian aid convoy and are using force against those on board, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Israeli soldiers have also reportedly detained activists accompanying the convoy.

In Gaza, Palestine's democratically elected Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh strongly condemned the attack on the flotilla and called on the international community to protect the aid mission.

The convoy carries 10,000 tons of supplies and hundreds of politicians, activists and journalists.

The flotilla was seeking to break Israel's crippling blockade of Gaza and deliver basic necessities to the impoverished Palestinians in the coastal enclave.
Damn you ISRAEL..
Ya Allah, turunkanlah bala besar besaran kat Israel laknatullah ni...

td baca paper..kununnye Israel mangkuk ni attack sbb org2 convoy tu attack dorg wif kapak n ape tah...
kahkahkahkahkah...mcm nk gelak guling2...
statement bodoh giler xleh blah...
padahal xnk bg bantuan tu smp kat Palestin..
pengecut nk mamp**....

sama2 kiter doakan org2 convoy tu terselamat..
n selamat smp ke Palestin..
doakan jugak kemusnahan Israel laknat tu..
Allah tu Maha Adil......

p/s: pls excuse my words...gerammm tau

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