Sunday, April 26, 2009


Confessions are the hardest thing to do

bcos it may make ppl:

1) luv u or they might hate u


2) think u r good or maybe u r bad

and MOST IMPORTANT thing is

3) it will definitely change sumone's life..either ur own life, his life, her life or their lives

what is the appropriate way to confess??

rather than giving excuses, u should give a solid reason
a reason that can make ppl understand and then accept it

why sumone should confess?

bcos u might not know what will happen in the future if u keep it in ur heart
confessions will make ur life easier, reduce ur burden n make u stay calm n relax

how should sumone react to the confessions?

when ppl confess to u, u should be grateful
at least, they tell u the truth rather than lying to u
no matter what, u should accept it even it's so hard to do so
open ur mind..keep looking forward as there is alwiz sumthing good for u in the future that u dont even realize now...

~~ everything happens for a reason and dat reason comes from Allah S.W.T ~~

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