Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to school

after 6 days being at home...i went back to utp..
6 days were not as long as i expected..huhu (it's alwiz like dat)
but i manage to visit my sis..GUDLUCK 4 SPM..
now wut i need to do is to fully prepare for my final sem exam..yahhuuu
no more exam after diz..hopefully..

these few days i will be alone as my rumet has gone back to Kajang (turn aku plak kna tggal..huhuh)
haaiihh...sunyi nyerrr..
rumet, blk la cpt..hehehe

today has to study Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE)..bosan2..
next is to study Software Agent (SA)...byk giler slides even 4 chapters only (1st time kt utp blaja 4 chapters jek)
next Corporate Ethics (CE)
last but not least Basic Arabic Communication..hehe

most are reading wut to expect?
i have to read and read and read until zzzz...hhahaha
wutever it is..i'll try my best..chaiiyookkk
(amende aku merepek pagi2 nih???)

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