Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aku xsuke tag begini~~

farah, ni aku da jwb tag ko..aku jujur ni..xtipu sket pn..hahahah

how long?
now, its 3 years n 4 months

how does its started? (the relationship)

we knew each other thru myspace n he asked me for my ym id..n then we lost contact. i even deleted him from my ym coz he never pm me (aku mmg suke delete org yg aku xchat..ampuunn..hahah)
everything started when 1 day he pm me...bla bla bla...the end

is she/he the one? (so far..)

so far...yup..insyaAllah..jodoh pertemuan di tgn Tuhan..ceewaahhh (mem'poyo'kan diri sndiri)

what u like most about him/her?

ala..nk kna ckp ke?kang org len plak suke die cane?haha
i like him bcos he makes me comfortable when im wif him..n he cares a lot bout me..dh ckup..kang ade org prasan :P

best moment of us?

every moment we spend together-gether, is da best n da bomb

saddest moment of us?

emm...we do fight a lot..each time we fight, dat is da saddest moment for me..but dat strengthen our r/ship..that's wut we call da miracle of luv (korg geli ke?hahaha..padan muka..sapa suh tag aku)

long distance?

yup..ala2 long distance run..hahah

what gives you the trust to hold on a relationship?

i follow wut my heart says..if i think he can be da 1 for me..then y not?? if not..i cabuuuttt laa..hahaha


luv requires 3 things: trust, honesty n respect..

if u have all these 3, then u can survive till the end..sekian ceramah free drp sy :P


malas aku nk tag sesapa...kalo korg nk wat, korg wat la..hehe

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